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Volunteer Statement from a visitor moored at Blue Haven Marina who helped on the day
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The IGY Project, “Inspire Giving through You” is giving back to our local communities that surround the marinas we operate. The goal is to get people off the boats and into the local communities to support local charities and nonprofit organizations, then return to the marinas and have a party to celebrate a day of giving back! IGY Marinas, IGY Anchor Club Sponsors, boat owners, captains and crews will be the driving force behind participation by rolling up their sleeves and pitching in to help contribute at each of the chosen destinations. Read more here...

On Feb 20, 2016 the Provo Children's Home gratefully welcomed a team of volunteers to 'Help Fill the Pantry'. A wonderfully full truck from IGA pulled up to our care facility and unloaded fresh fruit, vegetables and non perishables. All delivered by wonderful supporters of the IGY/Blue Haven Marina's 'Inspire Giving Through You' initiative. They made quick work of helping put away all the foodstuffs, and without breaking stride helped clean up the Provo Children's Home backyard. There was even someone to help me fix a chain on one of the kids bikes!

Soon after all the hard work was done, the PCH kids & staff went out to the Blue Haven Marina and enjoyed the day with all the volunteers who helped. The Blue Haven Marina had been working with PCH prior to this event. To say thanks for hosting the PCH kids, some of the children drew pictures of their fun adventure, and to their suprise they found their works of art hanging proudly in the Blue Haven Marina Office (if you visit the marina office, they are open for viewing)

They were so excited when Portia took them all into the office to see where they were hanging. After a fun evening including a wonderful barbeque it was time to say goodbye, but to each of the volunteers that day we all at PCH want to say it was wonderful to meet you and all the warm wishes given to us are returned.

Safe travels to all the volunteers who were visiting the Turks & Caicos Islands, we warmly remember you and hope to see you again someday!

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