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Sept 2019 ~ UPDATED!!

Aug 9, 2019~Our School Wishlist has been fullfilled this year by donations from individual supporters!! We are so gratefull~Thank you so much!!
Please note we are still requesting donations for school shoes as most times these itemss are too bulky for people to bring in. Please contact us if you can help in this area.

Your response has been incredible and we are all so grateful.


Thank You to All the Visitors and Residents who have been fullfilling our WishLists! Feel Free to contact us and confirm sizes or what is needed most. We regularly check our Wishlists/Grocery Lists to make sure they are up to date.
Contact us by email

General Wishlist
Grocery Wishlist

Making a Difference
at PCH!!!

PaintFest 2018

Volunteers come from near and far, this time to bring a day of art, laughter and accomplishments!! Thanks Dick, Sue and everyone who made PaintFest a success!

Completed Fundraising Event :
The Eco Sea Swim - June 29, 2019
$5000 donated by
Eco Sea Swim to PCH
Thank You to all who supported this event!!

Instagram Governer TCIPCH is visited by New Governer and Wife

August 16, 2019

Youth. When I visited the children’s home a few weeks ago I said I wanted to take Mandy there. We did that today and spent a few relaxed hours enjoying the company of a bunch of super smart and super engaging children. Best few hours of the week.
It’s hard to post about the children, and give any sort of full-some story, without invading their privacy but oh my gosh - they are very special. We are going to keep going back.
Credit to TCI, even if none of them have status and almost all of them were born here, that their lives are genuinely enriched by the experience at this home. They said so in a way that caught our breath. For those of you that donate you should be proud of your contribution.
Wards of the state, some of them valedictorians in their class, many of them competing at a national level in sport, this is something TCI should be tremendously proud of. If a country is judged on how it looks after its most vulnerable the way these children are treated at this home should allow TCI to walk tall.
But what happens when they leave this home, without legal status, and find their way into an adult world where a piece of paper - or lack of - is the difference between a home, a job and stability or none of the above. What do you do if you don’t belong?
Separately, and I can’t comment if I believe they are guilty or innocent - but a group of Turks and Caicos teenagers were arrested this week on firearms and hi-jacking charges. Good work by the police. Bad work by society. I may be responsible for policing but I’m not responsible for parenting or building an inclusive society. Others need to be accountable for that.
And finally I presented the prestigious Chevening scholarship to a Turks and Caicos Islander to not only study in the UK but network with the brightest in the world. An amazing opportunity for a young person to connect with a future global academic elite.
Wouldn’t it be awesome for a young child from that children’s home to gain such a scholarship - from what Mandy and I saw today all the potential is there but none of it can be realised until Wards of the State, children born in TCI, are granted permanent TCI statehood. Anyone object?

Wiring Instructions ~ For Donations to the Provo Children's Home current as of July 2019


FIELD 56 – Destination/Intermediary:

ABA# 021000021 (routing number)


FIELD 57 – Pay to Bank/ Beneficiary:

East Hill Street

FIELD 59 – Beneficiary Account:

Branch #05395
Account #4002960
Customer Name: Provo Children’s Home
Customer Address: 566 Chalk Sound Road
Providenciales, TCI


Note: RBC Turks Branch Transit # 05395

Thank you to all who have contacted us willing to help.

The mission of Provo Children’s Home is to provide a safe, secure, nurturing and loving home environment for children who are in need of care and protection.

Check this page regularly for upcoming events to help support the Provo Children's Home and to have fun in the local community! If we all donate a 'little bit' then we can make The Provo Children's Home a SUCCESS!

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