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Past Event : The PCH Music Extravaganza - Nov 5,2011
Provo Children's Home Provo Children's Home
& Sandals Foundation

"Span the Decades"
Music Extravaganza
Music Extravaganza

November 5th, 2011 Providenciales: Close to 200 people arrived dressed as hippies, Michael Jacksons, Aretha Franklins, 50's sock hoppers, rockers and all other music styles from the 1950's to the 1990's at Beaches' Treasure Beach location for the annual PCH Music Extravaganza on Saturday, Nov 5th.

The Sandals Foundation, Beaches Charity Arm, cohosted with the Provo Children's Home for this amazing fund raiser. This is their second annual event which sees the first Saturday in November as the Home's main fundraiser for the year. The event includes a lip synching contest for those brave souls who wish to get up on stage and strut their stuff lip synching and dancing to their favorite song in the costume of the day. "We had an excellent turnout again this year, and everyone who attended had great fun and enjoyed the fantastic performances and joined us all dancing in the sand" said Tanis Wake-Forbes, head of the PCH Fund Raising crew.

The Beaches venue is perfect for this annual event with its big stage, well lit serving stations and plenty of sand to dance in. Tanis thanked Beaches and the Sandals Foundation for their "continued support of PCH and for providing a wonderful buffet and all beverages for the event". She further stated that at $75 per person it is quite literally the best deal on the island as for the price of admission one gets an extensive buffet, all beverages, entertainment, music and dancing!

Elanor Finfin Krzanowski, PR Manager for Beaches Resorts stated "We are pleased that our philanthropic arm, the Sandals Foundation was able to partner with PCH for the second time. The Sandals Foundation works tirelessly with individuals and organizations such as the Provo Children's Home to uplift, engage and empower through education and financial assistance. I'm glad we are able to sponsor this event and help raise a remarkable amount."

Monique Davies, another PCH Fund Raising member and one of the esteemed judges of the event, added " Before the event was even over we had people asking us to make sure we held it again next year as they were already planning their costumes and routines!" Long time residents and new visitors to the island alike raved that this was the "best party" ever and they have never had such fun and great entertainment. Tanis advised that "we raised over $12,500 which is a fantastic achievement especially in this challenging financial climate. It shows how great the support is for PCH but also what a fantastic event that all can participate in, whether on stage or off." Overall Winners of the Event were Grace Bay Club, followed by Grease Bay Monkies with third place going to the Ed Gartland Youth Center. RBC and GBC also won in their individual Corporate Challenges.

Tanis thanked all those involved and said "a huge thank you to the PCH Fund Raising members: Angela Aquino, Stephanie Fitzgerald, Roxann Wake-Forbes, Tracey Wake, Monique Davies, Candie Watkins-Antinolez and Karen Lawson for their tireless work over the years for PCH and not only do they organize they also perform in the event as the PCH Fund Raising Crew always performs the first act to break the ice!" She further thanked the media who promoted the event: Weekly News, Free Press, Lime, Bournewell Marketing, Power 92.5FM, WIV TV, PTV and Deandrea Hamilton along with Master of Ceremonies

O'Brian Forbes, Yoshi's Sushi, Vino Tiempo Wine Bar and the myriad of others who helped make it such a success.

"Without the support of the TCIG, the Community, our residents and visitors, the Provo Children's Home would not be able to provide such a wonderful facility ensuring safety, security and a lot of love for our orphans and children-in-need. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts!"

For more information on PCH please visit or call Tanis on 231-5012.

PCH Extravaganza

See you Next Year!!

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