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Provo Childrens Home celebrates Earth Day

Provo Childrens Home Earth Day

PCH Celebrates Earth Day ~ April 2011

Provo Children's Home | Earth Day 2011

April 2011 ~ Provo Children's Home, Providenciales, Turks & Caicos Islands.

Earth Day began in 1970, the brain child of a U.S. Senator, after witnessing a 1969 massive oil spill and it's consequences. He realized that if he could infuse the youth of the world who had an emerging public consciousness about air and water pollution, it would force environmental protection onto the world political agenda. The idea was born for a "national teach-in on the environment". From 1970 to the Provo Children's Home in 2011, we brought the idea home.

We built the garden structures including shed to store tools ahead of time, using volunteers headed by Ryan Jones, a gardener with an amazing green thumb and very big heart. With a shipment of good earth, we packed the beds. Excitement growing in the Provo Children's Home with all the activity and bustle.

But we waited until Earth Day was upon us to plant the tomatoes, spinach, cucumbers and other vegetable 'crops'. All of the children were excited to help and had a real sense of accomplishment by then of the day. Many of the Children of the PCH have never had a home garden before and were interested to find out what each plant was, and how both sun and shade were necessary.

With the help of Ryan Jones and a group of 'green' volunteers, they grew the starter plants in their own home before bringing them out the the PCH house, where they and the children helped plant each one. Discussion about roots, how they will grow and need 'extra' space, and what their water needs were discussed.

There was a selection of not only vegetables, but also flowers for the children to tend over.
Bringing a sense of pride in your surrounding and teaching the economy and statisfaction of growing your own nutritious food are all important lessons. But the most important lesson of the day was self sustainability. The Provo Children's Home still relies heavily upon the community for support, but with each child who goes to gather tomatoes or lettuce for dinner we are one step forward to teaching them to care for themselves and others.

To find out more about Earth Day around the world visit EarthDay.Org ~ To find out more about volunteering with the Provo Children's Home for a day visit our Volunteer Page, trust me it's more fun and rewarding than you can imagine!

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