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May 2011, Paint Fest at the Provo Children's Home

Below is a prepared canvas, ready for paint to be applied by the children at the Provo Children's Home. Two volunteers, Dick and Sue kindly donated their time, skill and smiles for a day at the PCH. The children and other PCH volunteers welcomed Dick and Sue with open arms and loaded paint brushes. Under their instruction the children could see a beautiful image come to life.

Provo childrens home paint fest

The brainstorm of John Feight who in the 1970's worked to discover a way for children to engage in art, to be able to create a masterpiece. The Foundation for Hospital Art was created and began growing, from the United States to around the world. From hospitals caring for sick children to everywhere children gather.

Once the areas are filled in Dick and Sue, and volunteers with a steady hand, used special black markets to 're draw' the outer lines,giving the images a finished quality such as below. Which hangs in the main living room/kitchen area. The work below was done by the Children of the PCH, as was the sea turtle and the underwater marine picture which hangs in the living room and also the library.

Turks Caicos Islands

The children show their work to visitors and with pride tell about the experience of painting that day. We at PCH are grateful for their time and passing on their unique skills. And of course we thank the vision of John Feight and his legacy, the Foundation for Hospital Art. It was a fun day for all, volunteers and children alike!

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